I have a constant erection, what should I do?


If you have used our product like Cobra before sexual intercourse and you are feeling more stiffy than you should be, wait a little before you calm down. These drugs work as inhibitors that influence the blood cells in your penis to let more blood in. If you have an erection without any stimuli and it’s starting to hurt, even after you have finished, and your partner is sleeping, you should contact the nearest doctor since you might be having a rare reaction to the drug. You should always read the back information since there are always warnings and what to avoid. IF you used more than 1 pill a day, you should definitely go to see your doctor. There is an unwritten rule that you should use only ONE pill a day, without question, since the pills have some certain amount of the compound for a reason.

What if there is no reaction?

There are also cases where the pills do not produce any reaction in the man’s body. There might be different causes, but these cases are very rare and do not happen often. You might have also consumed too much alcohol, or you had a big fatty dinner – these may also cause pill to be useless.